I follow the requirements of the EYFS (2017) and provide an inclusive environment for all children and their families. I am required to comply with the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs code of practice – 2015.

I will monitor and review the progress and development of all children. However, where a child appears to be behind expected levels of development or where a child’s progress gives cause for concern I will adopt a graduated approach with 4 stages of action: Assess, Plan, Do & Review.  I will work in partnership with parents and provide information on how I am supporting their child’s development and will seek consent to request support from outside agencies where necessary.

I have a responsibility to identify groups of disadvantaged children who attend my setting and will apply for additional funding available locally, if families meet certain criteria. I will use this funding to ensure support is in place to improve children’s outcomes.

I will work with the local authority via ‘SEN Local Offer’ to ensure information is available locally to parents to ensure they are able to make choices about the right childcare provision for their child with SEN.

For more information on the SEN Local Offer, check out Norfolk County Council’s website at: